April 6 Postings

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  • “An energy task force headed by Vice President Dick Cheney is reviewing a draft plan that will open millions of acres of public land to new oil and gas development, much of it in the Rocky Mountains.
    Along with the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, which President Bush has already identified as a target, the plan mentions as candidates for new drilling several large tracts in the Rockies with off- limits status that could be revoked by the Interior Department without Congressional approval. These could include parts of the Lewis and Clark National Forest in Montana and Wyoming’s Jack Morrow Hills.
    In addition, the plan proposes that the administration work with Congress to free at least some of the 17 million acres of federal land in 11 Western states that is under temporary protection from energy development. Congress is studying whether to grant this land permanent protection as a wilderness area.”

    • Eleven New Extrasolar Planets Found:
      A cooperative team from three planet-hunting programs has discovered 11 new planets outside our solar system.
    • NASA Ready to Begin Mars Odyssey:
      On Saturday, NASA plans to launch the first mission to Mars since the devastating losses of two martian probes in 1999.
    • When Gravity Fell to Dark Energy:
      Supernova suggests universe braked then hit gas pedal of expansion.

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