April 20 Postings

  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome is spreading fear worldwide. “Over the last three months, as SARS has spread from southern China to at least 25 other countries and regions, sickening an estimated 3,457 people so far and killing 182 of them, health officials have imposed ever-stricter measures to stem it.” The New York Times has a special series on the subject. You would need to register to access the site.
  • “Bar Harbor, Maine- While studying mice with a mutant gene whose counterpart causes inherited glaucoma in humans, researchers have discovered a second gene mutation that worsens the structural eye defect that causes this type of glaucoma. The newly discovered gene mutation affects production of L-DOPA. The researchers suggest that it might be feasible to prevent glaucoma by administering L-DOPA, which is used in treating Parkinson’s disease.”

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