Birds at Fields Pond Steve Coleman birdwalk


Mourning Dove (S)Flicker (S)Downy Woodpecker (S)Eastern Kingbird (S)Tree Swallow (HS)Black-capped Chickadee (HS)Tufted Titmouse (S)White-breasted Nuthatch (S)Red-breasted Nuthatch (H)American Crow (S)Bluejay (HS)Parula Warbler (H)Black-throated Green Warbler (H)Nashville Warbler (H)Yellow Warbler (H)Bluebird (S)Red-winged Blackbird (HS)Starling (S)Pine Siskin (HS)American Goldfinch (HS)Purple Finch (S)House Finch (H)Song Sparrow (HS)White-throated Sparrow (HS)Swamp Sparrow (H) H heard onlyS seen onlyHS both heard and seen

It is instructive to note that seven of the 25 species were heard only. Fields Pond director Judy Markowsky told us she had led a walk elsewhere which did not develop such a good list because the participants were so visually oriented.

For further discussion of the birdwalk, see Chrissy Laws’ report in the May/June NHEST News

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