Can We Help You?


Do you need a nature presentation for a blind or low vision audience?  We can do
programs on a wide variety of subjects:

We would be glad to present a program for your group, school, nursing home, or
other group of facility on any of these subjects or on any other agreed-upon
topic in science and nature.  

Our grant from the Maren Foundation will cover most travel expenses for programs
in the northeast for 2003, but any help you can provide will be appreciated.
If you can cover our mileage (and supply a place to stay
for locations more than a few hours from central Maine), it would help us greatly.  Outside the
northeast, we would definately need at least some help with expenses.

  There are other options, also.  Special lessons could be posted to this site. Questions
and answers could be through email, postings on a special page, or IRC. We can make suggestions there, also.  

If you have a visually impaired audience that would be interested in learning
more about some facit
of nature and/or science, call us at 207-327-1453 or 
email us and let's see whether we can get together on something that will
help your clients.

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