Through the generosity of our current donors and through volunteer work we are about able to maintain website and bank expenses, but not to do any expansion. And we need to expand.

We now have users all across the country and even overseas who access our site to learn about nature in terms that are more available to them than are the usual visual lessons. Letter from Judy Markowsky Director of Fields Pond Nature Center, Maine Audubon Society.

Leslie Miller from San Diego writes: “I’ve been a birder for a long time. I’m totally blind and appreciate what you’re doing. Keep up the good work. I will tell all my friends who have computers about your website.

“I’m interested in sounds of California crickets. Will you have recordings of those as well as identifying oral descriptions as you do with the birds? I’d love to have alerts on any additions to the website.”

and further: “I want to know how to identify different kinds of trees while walking in a park or someone’s backyard.”

Jerry Berrier from Massachusetts writes: “I was supposed to go to Amherst MA to attend a program on Trees. The program has been designed for people who are blind. it was canceled due to the weather, but I probably learned more from your web site than I would have from the live program. What a coincidence that I got the message from you today. I have always wanted to know what kind of trees I have in my yard, and now I can’t wait to examine their leaves.

I spent some time reviewing both the birding site and the one on trees, and they’re really excellent. I use a speech program to read the screen, and I found no accessibility issues. I read the material, listened to a few of the birds, and just browsed around through the different links. I was especially impressed with some of the descriptions, like ‘hand-sized’, ‘the length of a man’s arm’, etc. Those kinds of descriptions are very meaningful to me.”

People are using our site and finding it helpful in studying science and nature. But we have just scratched the surface of what is possible and need to expand our website to include such things as:

  • More bird songs for the field guide
  • Expanded descriptions and greater scientific depth
  • More on plants and gardening
  • New offerings on weather, tides, astronomy, ham radio, amphibians, insects, and more.

We also need to expand our onsite offerings to reach more people. We need:

  • Expanded and refined interactive field guide
  • New and expanded offerings on other aspects of natural history
  • More onsite programs. We have been approached by those wishing us to put on programs for them, but we are limited in what we can do without money.

So, we need help. If you can help us to provide nature education and recreation opportunities for blind and visually impaired children and adults, please send your check to:

144 Atkinson Road
Maine 04410

Or call: (207)327-1453


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