The Lending Library

For those who have a scanner to allow them to read text or have somebody who reads to them, we offer the following books on a loaner basis. Send a check for $3 for shipping and handling for the first book + $2 for each additional book to:

144 Atkinson Rd.
Bradford, ME 04410

Give your name and address and we will ship you the book or books.  When you have read it, you
just mail it back to us at the address given above and we'll pass it on to the next person.  

We hope to expand our list of titles greatly. We are selecting books that are little, if any,
dependent upon illustrations.  I believe all those included qualify.  For now we offer those below.  I doubt all these
are easily available on tape.  We hope eventually to produce some books on tape, too.  If you
have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at or call 207 - 327 - 1453.

Book List

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