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  • reports that 107 Camilla is the latest asteroid (the small, irregular bodies that orbit between Mars and Jupiter) to reveal the presence of a satellite. A growing number of these tiny planets have been found to have even smaller companion asteroids orbiting them. Camilla is about 250 kilometers in diameter and it’s moon is about 10 kilometers in size. The phenomenon of asteroid moons has been known only since 1993 when the Galileo spacecraft discovered a moon since named Dactyl orbiting 243 Ida.

  • reports that the recent oil spill may not be the greatest threat to the ecological integrity of the Islands which are known for the high incidence of endemic species (species not found anywhere else). Conflict between a growing population seeking economic opportunities in tourism and fishing and ecological and scientific interests (the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Research Station) escalated to violence recently, though that situation has quieted down. The immigration is accompanied inevitably by introduced species from the continent, which, along with the periodic El Nino phenomenon causes severe stress on fragile and unique ecosystems.

  • “Hosted by BIRDER’S WORLD magazine, EAGLE OPTICS, and the WISCONSIN SOCIETY FOR ORNITHOLOGY…[the Midwest Birding Symposium] will be held in Green Bay, Wisconsin, from Thursday, August 30, through Sunday, September 2, 2001 at the Regency Suites Hotel and KI Convention Center. This seventh biennial birding event will offer a varied menu of 28 speakers, workshops and varied field trips for birders of all levels of expertise. Located in the northeast portion of the state, Green Bay is surrounded by wetlands that vary from Lake Michigan shoreline to cattail marsh and sedge meadow. The area lies along major pathways for fall migrants.”
    Editor’s note: The online registration forms are in Adobe Acrobat form which will not work with any browsers/screen readers I know about. So if you are interested in registering, , and I will get something usable to you.

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