NHEST From Maine Audubon

Don Tarbet
402 Atkinson Road
Bradford,ME 04410

Dear Don,

Thank you for teaching a class on tree identification using non-visual clues,
for the blind and visually impaired at the Fields Pond Nature Center. This class
drew good attendance from around the state, and clearly met a need.  I was also
pleased that several sighted people attended so they, too, could learn how to identify
trees by the way the bark or needles feel, or how the tree smells.

Thank you for involving Susan Martin in the class. I enjoyed meeting her, and her
guide dog as well. I am sure her forestry knowledge was invaluable, as well as her
knowledge about the needs of blind and visually impaired people.

I look forward to having more programs like this at the Fields Pond Nature
Center.  Thanks for teaching the class.

Yours truly,

Judy Kellogg Markowsky

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