May 5 Postings

  • Almost every day in spring and summer the papers carry headlines about death and destruction caused by tornados. This National Weather Sevice site is heavily visual, but still contains useful information about warnings, protection, and even some non-visual cues to the imminence of severe weather. Your best protection may be the weather radio. Make yourself a weather expert for the protection of your home and family.
  • This article by the American Radio Relay League does not mention a question asked by NHEST CEO Don Tarbet (KD1XU) about funding to develop emergency communications skills, including getting ham radio licenses, among blind and visually impaired persons. Nevertheless, the governor noted the question and responded very favorably as did Art Cleaves, Maine Emergency Management director. We are waiting to hear more. This is a role that blind radio operators can — and do — fill in protecting our communities from disasters, natural or man-made.

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