Big Plans

NHEST has received a grant from the Maren Foundation to expand our offerings. We have many plans and hope to accomplish some of them within the next year or so. A partial listing with progress as of January, 2003, includes:

  • Continue and expand Science Newsfront. This we are doing.
  • Develop a distributable copy of our field guide to birdsongs. Working on it.
  • Develop the first of a series of non-visual online nature centers. Planning stage.
  • Work on various writing projects directed at assisting our clients and publicizing their and our needs. In progress.
  • Expand our onsite offerings and options. Want a program done?
  • Begin work toward a nature center. With the donation of an old trailer and the initial construction of a scent garden, we have made a start. We have gotten a used (very) vehicle to assist in this and in our onsite presentations.
  • Make available other materials as available. We have some simple non visual tree keys in large print, computer disc, and Braille (limited numbers) right now.

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