Web Resources for the Blind

If you know of good sites we don’t have listed (and there are many at the moment),

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  • General support and access sites

  • Links to accessibility sites.
  • Make your website accessable to the blind.
  • deals with a wide variety of accessibility issues.
  • Current information and resources for the disability community.
  • Computer Technology in Special Education and Rehabilitation
  • Education and services.
  • for parents of children with special needs.
  • Braille and audio book production, more.
  • — easy to see, easy to use products.
  • Can-do products
  • A comprehensive link directory devoted to the eyecare industry. Over 2000 consumer and professional links …
  • – enhancing the quality and fun of family life with special needs.
  • JAWS, Open Book, and more.
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    Guide dogs, service and therapy animals

  • – therapy animals, service dogs, more.
  • Your humane society will have contacts with people knowledgeable about a wide variety of animals, including service animals.
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  • Find out how you can get your license.
  • Some are digitally accessible.
  • . We can help.
  • The joy and challenge of amateur radio.
  • NHEST introduction to emergency preparedness.
    As always, let me know of any accessibility problems with any of these sites.
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    Nature and Science


    Sounds of Nature

  • “The software that migrates with you.” This is a comprehensive fieldguide to over 2000 birds, primarily sound-oriented, by Marty Michener, NHEST board member, who supplied the recordings we use and did some of the original bird recordings for Cornell in the late 1950s.
  • Doug Von Gausig.
  • Doug Von Gausig.
  • from Von Gausig.
  • Many of the species are found throughout much of North America. This site gives verbal range descriptions so you will be able to get an idea of which species occur in your area. Let me know how you do with this site.
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    Camping, outdoor activity, and other material

  • Blind campers enjoy educational and recreational opportunities that the 297 acres of forest and water offer. Offerings in science and nature education are being developed. And they are often looking for visually impaired folks to run their programs.
  • Camps, books, more.
  • President Michael May has been on the news as having recovered some of his sight after stem cell surgury.
  • Let me know how this site works for your screen reader or browser.
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