What’s New?

We hope to keep the NHEST site moving, adding new features. To help guide you through our additions, we have developed this list of recent new developments. You might how far back you’d like us to go in listing new offerings.



  • We have a book out. Follow blind and visually impaired guides through the fascinating world of non-visual nature.
  • Now we have a newsletter. Announcements, news, tips, reports, and more.
  • And our species list for Steve Coleman’s 2004 birdwalk at Fields Pond.
  • Coming soon an online science magazine.
  • Coming soon another virtual nature center — this one for the west.


  • Thanks again to the Maren Foundation for their continued support.
  • Lending library We are developing a lending library of books on science and natural history for those who have text scanning or someone to read to them. We hope to put a lot more on the list as time goes on. We welcome your suggestions.
  • Keep watching for updates on our Science News Front and Calendar.
  • We have large print, computer disk, and a few Braille copies of a short key to trees, primarily in the northeast. If you would like one of these, email us at or call 207-327-1453.
  • We have received a grant from the Maren Foundation to help us expand our offerings. Our ability to handle onsite programs is greatly expanded. Check how we can help you. We have other plans also underway.
  • Using the Maren grant, we have developed the Penquis Virtual Nature Center, a cyber site stressing non visual cues to the learning and enjoyment of nature and representing a central Maine ecosystem.
    We have:
    • Nature trails
    • A museum detailing the natural history of the area
    • A lecture series
    • A reference library
    • Question and answer and discussion opportunities

    Visit us, but remember we’re still under construction. We wouldn’t want you to trip over a loose cyber-board or sit on some virtual nails someone has left lying around.

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