Conifers in the snow (daytime)


Introduction to trees Importance of trees: Trees have been called the structural elements of the ecosystem. They form the most noticeable living objects except in the driest and coldest climates. Trees have whole communities of other organisms associated with each type. Some birds or insects are found only in broad-leaved trees, others in conifers. In …

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Bird singing in tree

Quiz yourself

Identify birds by call – bird song quiz Go directly to quiz The 28 bird species below were chosen because they are some of the most widespread and common birds in North America and are found in a wide variety of habitats. They are presented in random order with the voice listed first and the …

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Flock of birds flying (black and white)


Reproduced by permission of MIST Software Associates, Hollis, NH Introduction Birds are warm bodied creatures with wings and feathers. The body temperature of birds is generally higher than that of humans, so they seem warm to the touch. Birds lay eggs which they incubate until hatching — or, in some cases, get some other bird …


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