Thimbleberries on branch, one ripe and red and three pink and unripe

Thimbleberry – A Short Guide to this Marvellous Plant

The Thimbleberry plant (Rubus Parviflorus), from the rose (Rosaceae) family of plants, is a wonderful wild-growing plant that berry foragers can enjoy. Other names for this plant and its fruit are the Western Thimbleberry, the Western Thimble Raspberry, the Mountain Sorrel and the Salmonberry. Introduction to the Thimbleberry The Thimbleberry is a deciduous perennial shrub, …

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Birds on forest path


Non-visual approaches to science and nature When we think of the outdoors, most of us conjure up visual images; the view from a mountaintop, a rainbow, a browsing deer, a soaring hawk. But the desire to experience nature, wilderlust, we can call it, isn’t limited to one set of sensory capabilities; it is or can …


Man walking below Mt. Katahdin, Maine

Geography and Geology

The Penquis Virtual Nature Center represents the area of central Maine between Bangor and Dover-Foxcroft approximatetly where Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties meet. It is a region of low rolling hills with rocky outcroppings and swamps scattered throughout. It was covered by a ice sheet during the most recent (Wisconsin) glaciation and a great deal of …

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Maine in the winter


General Though its latitude is just over 45 degrees north, about the same as Portland, Oregon, the climate is considerably different from that of comparable lattitudes on the Pacific coast. The prevailing directions of air movements in north temperate latitudes bring about a strong continental influence rather than the maratime influence of the other side …

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Coyote howling in snow


INTRODUCTION Why do animals make different sounds? Is it to communicate? Is it a response to an internal state? Or are both statements true? Sounds other animals make are simpler than the sounds humans make and convey less information, but some experts believe they are much the same in origin and intent. Others feel that …


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