The Lending Library

The Lending Library

For those who have a scanner to allow them to read text or have somebody who reads to them, we offer the following books on a loaner basis. Send a check for $3 for shipping and handling for the first book + $2 for each additional book to:

144 Atkinson Rd.
Bradford, ME 04410

Give your name and address and we will ship you the book or books. When you have read it, you just mail it back to us at the address given above and we’ll pass it on to the next person.

We hope to expand our list of titles greatly. We are selecting books that are little, if any, dependent upon illustrations. I believe all those included qualify. For now we offer those below. I doubt all these are easily available on tape. We hope eventually to produce some books on tape, too. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at or call 207 – 327 – 1453.

Book List

  • A Biography of John James Audubon by Alexander B. Adams
  • Caras, Roger, The Forest and the creatures in it
  • Dann, Jack and Gardner Dozois
    Dinosaur II Stories about dinosaurs by the best authors in science fiction
  • Durrell, Gerald – Naturalist, zoo director, humorist. His reflections are always fun reading.
    1. Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons Endangered species on a tropical island
    2. Fillets of Plaice Reflections from childhood
    3. Birds, Beasts, and Relatives A naturalist growing up on a sunny Greek island
  • Gardner, Martin, scientist, editor
    Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science Crackpots and snake oil salesmen on the fringes of science.
  • Gould, Stephen Jay – Evolutionary theorist, natural history expositor, observer of science, and baseball fan. Fun and informative.
    1. Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes Collection of essays from NATURAL HISTORY MAGAZINE.
    2. Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History Findings from the Cambrian Explosion.
    3. Full House: The Spread of Excellence From Plato to Darwin On the nature of human accomplishment.
  • Hawking, Stephen W. – Confined to a wheelchair by motor neuron disease and able to communicate only with increasing difficulty, Hawking’s playground was the universe.
    1. Stephen Hawking’s Universe: An Introduction to the Most REmarkable Scientist of our Time
    2. A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes by Hawking, himself
  • Leakey, Richard
    The Origin of Humankind Our roots in Africa
  • Lotz, Aileen
    Birding Around the Year: When To Find Birds in North America
  • Perlin, John
    A Forest Journey: The Role of Wood in the Development of Civilization Civilizations seem to collapse when they use up their wood supply.
  • Randi, James, magician and debunker of hoaxes
    FLIM-FLAM Pseudoscience at its worst
  • Sagan, Carl (Astronomer, cosmogenist, exobiologist) and Ann Druyan
    Shaddows of Forgotten Ancestors Who are we? Where did we come from? What can we see of our origins in our bodies and our behavior?
  • Simonds, Calvin
    Private Lives of Garden Birds Ever wonder about a bluejay’s homelife?
  • White, Gilbert – eighteenth century naturalist
    The Natural History of Selbourne – Classic observations by a keen observer

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