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Welcome to the lecture hall. We will post lectures here for you to read, comment on, and discuss with other interested visitors. To accomplish that last, for the moment you will need to send email which will be added to the bulletin board, along with any response that the staff might be able to make. Eventually, you may be able to post directly to the board. At any rate, send email to . Be sure to tell us whether you are making a general comment or asking a general question or which lecture it is related to.

  • Animal sounds A version of this discussion was held with workshop participants at Fields Pond Nature Center of Maine Audubon in May of 2002.
  • Maine Maple Syrup We are told they make some sort of stuff out of maple sap in such places as Vermont and New York, but it isn’t Maine Maple Syrup. Get a brief introduction and visit a producer in the area.
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